Frequently Asked Questions:

How is IMA funded?

IMA is funded primarily through student sponsorships (link to sponsorship). IMA also hosts various fundraisers, such as the annual walkathon, to raise the additional funds needed to operate the school. In addition, private and corporate donations are sought to cover the costs of special projects such as a new playground or bus. In Guatemala, IMA also runs a store which takes in kind donations and offers these articles at a reduced rate to the community. Not only does this benefit the community, but the funds raised by the store help to pay special salaries such as additional helpers at the school and the bus driver.

How does sponsorship work?

There is no better way to change a child’s life in Guatemala than through sponsorship.

Sponorship is the backbone of IMA’s programs. Each student is paired with a donor which funds the education, meals and opportunities provided to each girl. More than finances, the relationships built between sponsors and students have created a family of support for the girls to stay in school and continue with their education.

A supporter may choose a partial sponsorship of $35 a month where they co-sponsor a girl with other sponsors or a full sponsorship of $70 a month. This money goes towards covering the cost of education, food, teachers’ salaries and all the others expenses needed for the school to function. New sponsors receive pictures of their sponsor students, short bios of their stories, letters and artwork. They are then able to begin communicating with their girls through letters and e-mail.

Make the choice today to change a child’s life forever! (Add form on page where users can enter their information and after submitting, an e-mail will be sent to info@imausa.org)

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in IMA’s missions. Besides sponsorship (link to sponsorship), IMA is reliant upon the dedication of volunteers. (link to volunteer page or below info).


IMA couldn’t function without its dedicated staff of volunteers. Directors meet monthly to keep IMA running smoothly and efficiently. Each director works with volunteers who have the time and talents to help run IMA’s U.S. operations. We are currently in need of the following positions:

  • Chief Editor
  • Grant writer
  • Partnership coordinator
  • Marketing Director
  • Fundraising Director

Join IMA’s dedicated team of volunteers (link to my email jme@imausa.org)


Services trips

Ever wanted to travel to a foreign country, put aside your comforts and volunteer for a great cause? IMA hosts service trips throughout the year for teams or individuals who have a heart and passion for girl’s education in Guatemala. From optometrists to handymen, teachers to artists everyone has a unique talent that can be used at IMA. Projects are designed in a collaborative effort between IMA staff and volunteers to meet the current needs of IMA’s school. For more information email Sandy Le at soaklee@gmail.com

How do I make a donation?

Change a child’s life by making a donation today. You can make a tax deductable donation through paypal (link) or by mail:

IMA (International Medical Assistance) PO BOX 5497 San Clemente, Ca 92674

IMA is a registered 501 (C)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

What happens to the girls when they graduate from IMA?

Secondary Retention Program 7th-9th grade The Secondary Retention Program is a development program aimed at finding the resources to continue supporting our students after they graduate the sixth grade. In Guatemala, girls entering secondary school are at a particularly critical age in terms of their socio-economic indicators. It is at this impressionable and important age that many young women begin to leave the educational system to support their families. This loss of educational opportunities puts them in continual jeopardy of staying in the cycle of exploitation and poverty in which so many Guatemala women exist. IMA works with specific sponsors who wish to continue supporting the education of IMA’s girls at other local schools and additionally those students who don’t have sponsors that follow them past the sixth grade.


Scholarship Program 10th grade – college In Guatemala, most young professionals who take jobs as teachers, secretaries or other middle-income professions require only a twelfth-grade education to be certified.  IMA’s offers scholarships for promising students to continue to pursue their education beyond junior high school, be it through high school, college or technical school.

What does IMA offer the students at school?

The most important thing IMA offers its students is a safe space where they can learn and feel loved. When students are at school they are provided a contemporary education (link to academic program info or below), a healthy lunch and snack, physical education, computer training, English classes and bible classes.

Academic Program pre-k – 6th grade Developed by education specialists in both the United States and Guatemala, IMA’s curriculum is designed to provide a rigorous and contemporary education.  All students must complete and pass the Guatemalan State test for each grade level before matriculation. The educational standards set forth by IMA are far more demanding than those of public schools. IMA offers courses in English, computer training, and enrichments that public schools don’t offer. We would like to provide better access to resources like individual books for each subject, a science lab, math lab, and a critical thinking lab. We also have an ongoing need to make improvements and additions to our library, including purchasing novels, research books, teacher supports and classroom computers or tablets.

Where does my donation go

94% of all donations go directly to Guatemala. Donations cover the costs of Guatemalan teacher salaries, food, books, uniforms, school supplies and transportation if needed. All staff in the United States are volunteer and do not take a salary.

Who runs IMA?

IMA couldn’t function without its dedicated staff of volunteers. Directors meet monthly to keep IMA running smoothly and efficiently. Each director works with volunteers who have the time and talents to help run IMA’s U.S. operations.